Solahart Solar Hot waterRoof Hot Water Storage

Solahart pioneered the Solar hot water industry back in the early 1950’s when they developed the first thermosiphon Solar hot water heater.  Not a lot has changed in principle since then.  We still use the tried, tested, simple thermosiphon system to this day... it’s just a hell of a lot more efficient then the first incarnation.

As Energy & gas costs continue to rise and rise making the switch to hot water free from the sun has never made so much sense.  The sun will always be the worlds cheapest source of energy and we have an abundance of it here in Australia.

At NS Energy – Solahart Tamworth we stand by the thermosiphon or roof mounted model.  This design has both the tank and the collectors on the roof up off the ground.  The benefit to this is it removes the hot water system from Ground level and has everything mounted on top of the roof.  This also simplifies operation and installation.  As most houses are on a concrete slab, mounting the system on the roof gives us easy access to the plumbing in the roof.  It also means we don’t require a pump for the system to operate, it simply runs of mains water pressure.  There are also no moving parts in the roof mounted model, so less things that can go wrong, as the saying goes keep it simple stupid ( not that we are implying anybody is stupid)

Ground Hot Water StorageSolahart also offers a more comprehensive warranty on the roof mounted models with up to 10 years Cylinder warranty, 5 year collector warranty plus a 5 year parts and labour warranty.  Our Solahart systems will save up to 90% of your home or businesses HW heating costs.

Recent improvements to our Rydalmere factory have improved efficiencies, pressure cycle life and reduced weight. Our new tanks are built to withstand 1.25 million pressure cycles! The industry standard for a pass is 250,000.  Our new tanks also have state of the art Super Shield tm lining on the inside. During the $45 million upgrade Solahart Industries upgraded the enamel coating & insulation machine to state of the art versions.  This protects the inside of your tank for even longer!

Our tanks take around 8 hours to be manufactured compared to other manufacturers that only need 4.  What can we say, greatness takes time and the longevity of the Solahart brand speaks for itself.


Solahart Powerstore

The Solahart Powerstore is a revolutionary HW system that uses your excess solar power to heat the water in the tank.  Coming in a 315L capacity and taking up the same space as a traditional HW heater it is the ideal system for someone that doesn't want the thermosiphon roof mounted system or doesn't have the space for it as their roof is full of solar panels! The main difference between the Solahart Powerstore and a traditional electric HW system are

1: the triple blade heating elements.  These react to the amount of excess solar and have an 800w, 1200w & 1600w section to maximise self consumption and minimise importing power to heat the tank. 

2: The Solahart Powerstore also comes with the Solahart Gateway which is a home energy monitoring device which gives the customer live data on their solar production along with consumption monitoring of other household appliances.  This allows the customer to maximise their savings and see where their power is going in real time.  
The Solahart Powerstore comes with a 10yr tank warranty for peace of mind.