NS Energy - Solahart Tamworth can service and repair the following hot water systems - Solahart, Rheem, Edwards, Solar Ark and any other electric or gas hot water unit.

Customers often get confused on who to call when their hot water system breaks down or is playing up.  The obvious choice is a plumber, however if the electric element or thermostat has an issue then an electrician is required.  

At NS Energy – Solahart Tamworth we are a one stop shop for your HW service needs.  We have licenced electricians and plumbers so we can diagnose both electrical and plumbing issues. We can also get you back into hot water within 24 hours.  With electric systems available for hire until a new hot water system can be installed.

Living in Tamworth and we service the Namoi and the North West New South Wales area from Willow tree to Armidale and Walcha to Walgett and everywhere in between!
Some easy troubleshooting tips can help you assess what the potential issue could be.

Hot water

Issue: No hot water from electric boosting – it could be something as simple as a faulty circuit breaker or an element or thermostat.  This would require our electrician to come out and test the electrical components of the system. 
Something more serious could be a potential fault with the Off Peak relay, which would require an Essential Energy technician to inspect the Off peak relay.
Issue: water leaking – this could be something as simple as a leaking relief valve or isolation valve to a burst seal on the hot water tank or a broken pipe somewhere near the unit.  This would require our plumber to inspect the unit and diagnose the issue.  If you have repeated issues with your relief valves leaking or staying open we would check the water pressure at the mains.  If the mains water pressure is high we would install a pressure limiting valve to slightly lower the water pressure entering the home.
Issue: No hot water from the sun – this could mean either the system requires a service due to the age of the heat exchange fluid ( if a Solahart, Rheem, Edwards ).  It can lose its heating properties over longer periods of time, reducing the amount of heat being transferred to the water.  It could also mean the heat exchange fluid has escaped and needs to be refilled.  We would pressure test the collectors to ensure there are no leaks and do a quick service and replacement of washers around the system to keep it sealed well.
We recommend Solahart, Rheem, Edwards solar hot water heaters be serviced around every 5 years.

Solar Power

Solar panel require minimal maintenance.  Our solar panels have a self cleaning glass on them with a specific coating to remove dust and dirt with rain.  Although this does an ok job, hard dirt, grime bird droppings wont be fully removed by the rain and may require cleaning. At NS Energy Solahart we recommend to use a soft bristled brush connected to a hose for cleaning with minimal to no detergent.  Obviously playing with water and electricity on a roof can be dangerous, so let the professionals at NS Energy Solahart Tamworth come and clean/inspect your solar panels for you.
There are generally few issues with solar panels – when you buy quality.  We only supply & install tier 1 panels from long standing quality suppliers.  Inverters are generally the point of failure in a system when it does fail.  At NS Energy Solahart we only stock quality inverters from top manufacturers.  With their unrivalled reliability and excellent attention to detail the chance of you having a failure is minimal, with inverters we say “do it right and do it once”.  We recommend calling us if you notice your inverter not working, it will require an electrician to test the inverter and the AC/DC voltage.  If the inverter is under warranty we will take care of the warranty process for you, regardless of the brand or the company you bought it from.