Battery Storage

Battery storage is a great way of storing excess Solar generated for use in high demand times when the sun is down. 

With electricity bills soaring, battery storage is another way to help reduce your electricity usage.  At NS Energy we are the only Solahart authorised Tesla Resellers and accredited installers.  

Tesla Powerwall


Telsa Powerwall 2

The Powerwall 2.0 (P2) is the second generation offering from Tesla.  It is an AC coupled battery with 13.2Kw/h of storage.  The generation is a great step up from the original version with double the capacity, internal battery inverter and can also provide whole house backup. 

The battery can charge and discharge a maximum of 5Kw continuous power.  It can also provide energy in a blackout, something we all experience come summer time storm season. 
The Tesla is revolutionary in that it allows the grid connected PV system to continue operation throughout a blackout, providing direct power to the house during daylight and the potential to charge and discharge the battery. 

Some other advantages about the Tesla is its IP65 weatherproof rating and internal temperature control making it one of the most robust and safest products on the market today.

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